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The love of acoustic fingerstyle guitar brought Don Ablett and Brent Cooper together some years ago. With common influences such as Bruce Cockburn, John Fahey, and Stefan Grossman, they have developed a style that has thrilled fans young and old around Southern Ontario.

Two of the most outstanding features noted are Brent and Don's vocal harmonies and the complex and spectacular fingerstyle interplay between the two guitars. The two musicians want to provide audiences of all ages with memorable instrumentals and songs with thought provoking lyrics.

Their efforts culminated as the 2008/2009 season winners of the prestigious Brampton Arts Council Bravo Award for Outstanding Concert Performance by a Solo or Small Ensemble.

Adjudicator Jason Saunders said,

“Your set list, arrangements, harmonies and solos all demonstrated a depth of musical connection and understanding that is truly wonderful to participate in as an audience member.”

Check out their CD, “Changing Landscapes” at their website,