Angie Nussey

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From Angie's website:

Angie Nussey will argue that she is a storyteller first and a musician second, but her most recent release "Still Hope," suggests otherwise. With its sweeping string arrangements and melodic lines, you might believe that Nussey is planning to move into a more orchestral style. But her lyrics always bring you back, pull you in, make you think, and inspire you to shine as she does.

Nussey grew up in the small town of Lively, Ontario where both parents dabbled in music and creativity. She learned to play piano at the age of 6 and she soon began writing and recording her own songs.

In 1999, She released an 11 song demo CD which was soon noticed by Movie Producer, Albert Botha, who helped launch her first studio album, "Circumstantial Overload."

Five albums, 12 years of touring, and over 15 awards for Best Song, Best Vocal performance, and Female Performer of the year, you'd think Nussey might be interested in slowing down. "I'm actually a very slow songwriter," Nussey says with a laugh, "after every album, I think this will probably be the last one. But then, a year or two later, I have another 12 songs, so I just keep a happy snail."

Angie Nussey is the kind of artist who leaves thank you notes. Her attitude towards life and other people has the appealing charm of a long lost friend. Her stage presence is disarming and although she maintains a wonderful degree of humility, she never fails to perform a world-class show. It has been said that "she wears her heart in her voice" and her voice rings with the ease of a warm shower.

Nussey released her last album "Still Hope," in 2011 and is currently working on her next album. To be released "when it's ready."