George Coventry

* * * * *

"He not busy being born is busy dying." - Bob Dylan

These thoughtful words from a thoughtful man have influenced far more than the poetry, music and performance style of songwriter George Coventry and continue to form the foundation upon which this enigmatic, straightforward, charming, abrupt, shy, in your face ( get the picture?) man keeps himself alive and growing.

The writer of hundreds of songs, Coventry is an unabashed romantic, unapologetic rabble rouser, and unashamed acolyte of the folk traditions of Joan Baez, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Bob Dylan whose original songs reflect his fascination with history, anger towards the status quo and keen observation of the myriad small moments that constitute hope in a crazed world.

Ironically, given his love for all things Dylan, George spent his childhood at a fork in the road called Zimmerman in Southern Ontario before moving to New York state where he spent his teen years soaking up the sounds and ideas of the new folk movement. When he returned to Canada at 21, he brought a wealth of songs with him and, although he has been seduced away by other muses over the years, has always returned to his true calling as a wordsmith.

George plays acoustic guitar and harmonica. His favourite guitars right now are a Martin HD-28 and a Taylor Grand Concert.

--------- Jennifer Ives - 2010 ----------