Gerry Chaput & Catherine Charlebois Nahanee

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Catherine Charlebois and Gerry Chaput have been performing solo for many years and have decided to collaborate with a duet style performance.They incorporate both electronic and live harmonies into their musical performances as well as leads and drum tracks.

About Catherine and Gerry:

Catherine Charlebois, wife and mother of two, grew up as a very shy girl. That changed when she was introduced into music. Catherine learned theory and played lead clarinet in her high school band for 5 years. Catherine, always loved to sing so she took a year of guitar lessons, and she and friend would play and sing at school functions and winter carnivals, allowing her to break out of her shyness.

Becoming a Mother at 22, Catherine put her guitar down for about 10 years. After Moving to Montreal in 1998, she was fortunate to be surrounded with friends that were very musical and the passion to entertain was reborn. She jammed with a variety of artists and bands, performing at the Chateauguay Canada Day celebrations, playing to the elderly at nursing homes, and local variety shows.

Now living in a small town called Victoria Harbour, you can see her perform occasionally at “The Quarter Deck” restaurant located in Victoria Harbour, Rawley’s Resort in Port Severn, and The Library Restaurant in Midland.

Catherine also teaches guitar and loves seeing her students learning and enjoying music as much as she does. Hosting a monthly Coffee House, at St. Mary’s Parish in Victoria Harbour from September to June, she gives her students, along with other artists an opportunity to perform and share their talents with the local community.

Catherine continues to teach guitar, sings at Weddings, Funerals, Parties, local restaurants, and Sundays in the Park.

She is truly doing what loves to do.

Gerry Chaput is originally from Hanmer Ontario (near Sudbury). He first moved to Midland in 1979 with a freind to find work. He has resided in Toronto and Barrie but returned to Midland in 1990 with his wife Anna to raise their 2 sons Joel and Nicholas and cat Mindyloo.

Gerry was inspired to play music by his Uncle Steve Walsh who could play guitar and sing for hours on end at family gatherings. Coming from a large family, at bedtime his Mother who would put on the eight track player to quiet things down and he was lulled to sleep by Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray, Johnny Cash and others.

Gerry started playing guitar at the age of 12, when his older brother John bought a guitar and taught him some chords. Because he was so shy about his musical talent he didn’t start singing until he was in his thirties. After reading about Don's Coffeehouse in Elmvale, he visited and met Don, his wife Carolyn and the coffeehouse regulars. Here he was overwhelmed by the nurturing environment and overcame his shyness. He started performing as a regular and since then has recorded a song on the Don's Coffeehouse CD. More recently he is getting back into performing in restaurants, cafe's, bars and performing with the Askenonia Country Jammers. He Has also created a YouTube channel called "HEYMOMMEAGAIN" which he started so his Mother, family and friends could watch him any time they like. He has also encouraged several members of the Askenonia group to come out and perform at the Ladybug Cafe in Midland and recorded the performance for YouTube. The results of which, are an inside joke for the jammers who proudly state that - they are on YouTube and have a lot of views.

Gerry is a well rounded performer who (can chew gum and play reggae rythym at the same time). He works hard on his music and has developed a likeable style which people enjoy. He loves collaborating with other musicians and is inspired by the talent and dedication of performers such as Catherine.

While still new to each other, the two have hit it off and are becoming more at ease with each other, both musically and socially. Their spouses and family are very supportive of the musical duo and are hopeful that it will become something great.

Gerry and Catherine are currently working on writing original music and re-arragement of old music.