Gladys Pentland

* * * * *

Gladys has a soulful country way of performing songs loved by many. Originally from the east, her life was filled with music from birth. She began singing at a very young age and hasn't stopped since. Accompanying herself on guitar, Gladys Pentland offers a very delightful and entertaining set of songs.

Growing up in the Appalachian region of Quebec, with parents from French and Scottish background, Gladys had little choice but to learn the music of the folks: Irish ballads, bluegrass, French sing-along, and traditional country songs. On Saturday nights the family would tune into Wheeling, West Virgina's radio station, where they would play the likes of Hank Williams , the Carter Family, and many other greats. By the age of five, Gladys would be singing right along with Mom and Dad, and she has not stopped since.

Her greatest pleasure is singing: for Gladys, there is nothing more rewarding then learning a new song. After raising her family in Southern Ontario, her children would be her captive audience. She now makes her home in Central Ontario; singing and strumming her guitar at every chance she gets.