Jeffrey Miller

* * * * *

In 2003 a near-fatal heart attack left Jeffrey pondering what really mattered in his life and what would help him handle stress more effectively. After fifteen years away from making music he turned back to it, and although it was at times a struggle to relearn what had been forgotten the passion for music took hold again in full force. Although previously an electric guitar player in the rock music genre he is now most comfortable with an acoustic guitar and his focus has become roots music.

"When I decided to learn to play again I made a conscious decision that technical perfection would not be my goal. My focus is on honest, enthusiastic delivery of songs that tell stories, illicit strong emotions or cause one to think. If I make the audience FEEL, then I've accomplished my goal"

You can expect to hear cover tunes from the blues, singer/songwriter, folk and rockabilly genres that will take you across a wide spectrum of emotions.