Jives! - Jennifer Ives

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"When Jennifer Ives climbs onstage, she crosses over from her usual persona, that of the inimitable whirlwind presenter and promoter of live music in the Near North...but the metamorphosis, thankfully, is never complete.

The listener thinks "She lives for this!" Passion infuses her lyrics and performance at every unique turn. She readily admits her influences, from Prine to Emmylou, Lynn Miles to Cheryl Wheeler, Stan Rogers and English ballads, but, as soon as you think you've caught a reference in lyric or music, Jives will throw out a line that could only have come from her.

Her writing displays an innate sense of what works best for a voice which spans a wide range of tone and feel; alternatively pure, wistful, dark, soulful and edgy". ---------- Paul Court ----------

Jives is a singer/sometime-songwriter who believes that her discovery of Live music has helped her maintain her sanity and smoothed the trek through her mid-life crisis...

As a pivotal member and late artistic director of the Orillia Folk Society, organizer of five Donstock festivals and determined festival attendee, Jives has introduced many fine folk and roots musicians to the folk community of Simcoe County. Jennifer is also involved with the Barrie Folk Society and organizes The Youth Songwriting Showcase now in its fifth year of encouraging young Canadian songwriters.

Jennifer Ives aka Jives
Artistic Director (2011) Live From the Rock Festival http://www.livefromtherock.com/
Performer/Presenter/Promoter http://www.myspace.com/livejives
Live@Jives: http://www.liveatjives.com
LEAD PIPE CINCH: earthy roots with a bend to the blues http://www.liveatjives.com/Leadpipecinch.html
Barrie Folk Society http://www.barriefolk.com