Karen McCagherty

Karen McCagherty is a singer and songwriter who doesn't hesitate to include familiar cover songs in her set, while making it all complete with songs she has written to express her love of, and insight into, the world around us. She is new to the stage performance scene, and delights with her voice, guitar, and resolve.

Edward Moll

Ed has been married to his guitar for more than 35 years. And like any good partner he is still discovering new things. He teaches guitar as well as bass, viola and beginner violin at the Huronia Arts Academy in Barrie. He plays viola with the Huronia Symphony Orchestra, violin with the Renaissance String Trio, guitar for the jazz trio Symplycity (www.symplycity.ca) and can be found performing regularly at The Local gastropub on the corner of Maple and Dunlop Streets in Barrie.

- taken rom Ed's profile at Huronia Arts Academy