Kevin Davies

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Kevin Davies is a songwriter, singer, and acoustic/electric guitarist living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His music ranges from folk to rock with lyrical content that includes interpersonal relationships, historical events, humor, and political commentary.

Kevin's songwriting draws initially from the folk tradition, with additional characteristics influenced by rock and blues. Many of his songs have an element of storytelling and/or the expression of a point-of-view, combining personal experiences with reflections upon things encountered, experienced, or discussed with acquaintances. Most songs are not autobiographical -- their creation typically involves some amount of roleplaying.

Songs often occur to Kevin in a flash of lyrical inspiration, usually after a period spent thinking about a specific subject or situation. While the words may suggest a tune, the music is usually produced after the words are completed; it will sometimes be altered as the song is played through the first few times. Also, during this period of development, individual words may be changed and verses may be edited or re-arranged. When it comes time to record a song or play it with others, it may change again, affected by the arrangement of instruments and chosen tempo.

In recent years Kevin has been performing at open mic shows and jamming with other musicians as the opportunity presents itself. He is continually trying to learn from everyone he encounters.

When not making music, Kevin works as a freelance creative services provider. His work includes writing, graphic design (print and web), illustration (traditional and digital media), photography, and game design. Kevin has worked in advertising, film and TV animation, the book and comic industries, and the game industry. He has also published magazines and games.