Kevin Firth

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In 2001 Kevin and his wife Joan set off on a three year hiatus living in a R.V. travelling mainly through this continent which included thirty four of the U.S states, Mexico and Western Canada. In 2004 they settled in Costa Rica where they now live for six months of the year. During this period he played many venues in Tucson, San Francisco and Victoria, Canada to mention a few. In the last four years he has played benefit concerts in aid of the poor peoples of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. 'Scruffy little girl' a song about a poor Nicaraguan toddler living in the mountains of Costa Rica is an example of his current writing style.

He is currently working on his latest CD which he hopes will be available later in 2012.

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Kevin Firth is a gifted songwriter with a resonant voice and a natural story teller. His songs range from social commentary to deeply personal and this is where Kevin excels. Ocean Ranger is a great example, taking one deep under the ocean to an eerie place. He is a fine musical ambassador for his adopted Canada.
- Redmond O'Connel. Waterfront Folk Club San Francisco
        Live at the Finisterra, Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica
Singer songwriter Kevin Firth
With a penchant toward Folk and Blues
Can touch your heart with his soulful words
Concerning the human condition and issues of the day
But will also have you tapping to the beat
With brisk bluesy harmonica riffs
- Sheila Hawke, owner Finisterra, Costa Rica
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