Rick Groves

* * * * *

I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old when I came to Canada from Scotland. Listened to the Beatles and mostly English bands at the time growing up in Scotland. Grew to love every kind of music, from CCR to Jimi Hendrix to C,S,N & Y. to Gordon Lightfoot and thats when the folk bug hit me.

Ever since then I have had a love affair with the guitar and music.

I played in a trio back in the 70's and had the bug back then playing in coffee houses and house parties and Summer concerts in parks in Montreal, playing at every chance I could get.

Got married, moved away to Kingston and then Mississauga, had a baby girl and moved to Barrie in 1987, two more kids, jobs, life, etc. Life changed, guitar and music got set aside but not forgotten.  

More changes and I started playing again, 18 months ago or so and picked up the guitar again and my love affair came back and I haven't looked back since. Writing and playing many originals and mostly about love and relationships and how we try to find ourselves later on in our lives.  

Music, guitar and singing....and friends....does it get any better?