Roy Hickling

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Roy Hickling is a singer songwriter, sculptor, painter and seventh generation farmer who along with wife Sue, and daughter Lydia, lives on a family farm north of Barrie. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Guelph, he came home to full time farming in 1980.

Roy continues to farm and presents his creative output in regular concerts and exhibitions. The cross-pollination of working in multi-disciplines allows him to explore common themes and metaphors from different perspectives. "I find that music and art inform and spark each other and help in defining and analyzing my creative process".

"My songwriting is lyric-driven, progressive folk or roots music anchored by inventive guitar playing. I write on a wide variety of topics, including observational, current events, historical, farming, personal, instrumental, spirituality and creativity. My goal is to produce songs that are purposeful, fun and interesting (although not necessarily all at the same time)."

Roy has recently completed his debut CD, "a little time".

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