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Dreams Do Come True! For Sootara, that meant watching Allies of the Heart transform from a title without a song to an entire album's worth of original music. And it meant working with producer Joe Puerta (Ambrosia and Bruce Hornsby and the Range) as Allies became a reality. Although the title had come to her long ago, its meaning was only revealed as Sootara wrote the title track one week before heading to Milwaukee to begin recording. Now that's tight timing! "Imagine a golden energetic thread that runs through everyone's heart, joining them together, making us all truly allies, every last one of us. And that includes every living thing, and even Earth herself. That is what this CD is all about." Joe Puerta's impression of Allies? "It is quite a statement of artistic commitment and beauty."

Sootara's debut CD is an uplifting, inspiring and overwhelmingly musical experience, containing 15 original songs. It demonstrates her incredible vocal range and includes genres from rock to folk. Sootara's strong lyrics and impassioned vocals encourage listeners to view life in a powerful - and empowering - way. The album is a dream come true for Sootara, but it is also about making dreams come true.

Allies of the Heart has been played on 16 Canadian commercial radio stations and 15 Canadian campus stations. It charted on the Top 30 for CFBX, Kamloops, BC, and #5 in their Top 10 Roots category. Allies is well received on US campus stations, with heavy airplay in particular on the WAWL Chattanooga, which was recently showcased during one hour of their programming. In addition the track 'Cry Baby' is currently being featured on France 5 television, on the wildly popular European children's animation 'Sam Sam', Perdus dans l'espace. Based on her song 'Miracle', Sootara was nominated for Best Female Artist at the Ontario Independent Music Awards 2008.