Thomas P. Radcliffe

* * * * *

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, finger-style guitarist, singer-songwriter, folk singer, interpreter of songs, composer, entertainer, advocate for peace and social justice and often perform for Habitat for Humanity.

Why me? I am perfect for an intimate concert for many reasons; acousticity, intimate songs, storytelling, communicating and direct contact and interaction with the audience. My repertoire and menagerie of instruments are unique and captivating and my performance is more than engaging. I promise that you and your friends will be more than entertained, will tap your toes, smile, sing a long and walk away from the evening humming.

I will have in tow my Spanish laud and a guitar or two and will be running the gamut from originals to some great folk standards as well as a few surprises acoustically. love & peace Thomas P Radcliffe

Thomas P. Radcliffe - I Believe In Love