Troy Danielz

* * * * *

Canada's natural beauty to secluded lakes and forests has definitely helped inspire Troy Daniels; one of Canada's aspiring singer, songwriter and performer. With his poetic lyrics, Troy delivers with an extraordinary, reverberated and rich voice; Troy brings his songs to life and touches deep down to the soul. As an emerging country/folk artist with deep spiritual conviction, Troy has captivated the hearts of many people. Growing up in northern Ontario, Troy has countless memories of playing in the woods, making up songs and singing out loud.

At 16 years old Troy enthusiastically learned to play guitar while jamming with his many East Coast friends. He performed in various events around his home town of Sudbury as a solo performer. During the year 2000 troy suffered a tragic accident losing his baby finger on his left cord hand. Troy did not let this stop him and through the years since his accident Troy has re-taught himself to play the acoustic rhythm guitar while discovering his own true unique style. Troy courageously battles and continues passionately with his music. His stage presence is inspiring and captivating to all who listen.

Troy has performed for private engagements as well as local open stages, and television shows within the Simcoe County Region. Troy currently resides in the city of Barrie, which is known as one of central Ontario's growing arts and culture communities. Over the past few years, Troy has written many songs and has worked with various local studios and musicians and is currently recording his demo. Troy aspires to reach out through his songs to touch and uplift the hearts of his many growing fans. With his own unique songs and stage performances Troy Danielz is a country/folk musician to be remembered.